Analysis Of The Two Anthrax Envelopes

Graphology is a SCIENCE. In mathematics two plus two equal four. In Graphology stroke plus stroke equals a train in the writers character.


Received by  Tom Brokaw and Senator Daschle

Similarities found on both envelopes:

Letter E’s are identical

Letter strokes go beneath the base line

Line of writing slopes downhill

Numeral 2 are the same

Writing on both envelopes `looks the same’

The B in  Brokaw and B in Building are identical

Letters in the middle of words vary they are not uniformly the same size

The cross bar on the A are placed low down.

A depressed, tired individual writes this handwriting

Formation of the letters shows that the writer has an ability to create with their hands – example: artist, carpenter, and mechanic.

There is great determination and concentration and the writing is written under great tension and I feel the writer is on the brink of an emotional breakdown.

You could not reason with the writer – the writer is physical and would hit/strike out. If, you had an argument with the writer you would get no where by intellectual debate. The writer can only be reached by touch such as placing a calming hand on their arm – in other words the writer is too violent to listen.

All the writing shows great tiredness and depression and as I stated before the writer is at a breaking point emotionally. The only way they are functioning is by a strong fanatical inner will.

As far as intelligence goes the writer shows great tenacity they do not give up. However, from studying the handwriting the writer is intelligent in certain areas they do not have a well-rounded intelligence.

The numeral 1 on the Tom Brokaw envelope is the only indication on the envelope that it could be written by someone from another country.  As the American numeral 1 is just a straight line.  Another factor of the numeral 1 is this type of formation of the number is sometimes found in the older generation of American writers 70 and up.  But, the rest on the writing does not have any other indication that the writer is not American.

The writer is dangerous due to the suppressed `passion ‘in the writing. The passion is of a physical kind that strikes out with out thinking.

There is a deliberate `masking’ of the writer by writing slow and deliberate they are trying to hide personality.  But as there is such a great depression and tiredness bits of the writers personality keeps slipping giving the trained graphologist accurate glimpses of what the personality is truly like.

The T bar in Tom slants down which usually indicates a need to dominate and be in complete control of any situation.  But – (I do believe that both envelopes were written by the same person) the T in the word Senator has a slight bending upwards meaning this is a person who feels they are doing good and helping others.  Which is a glaring contradiction of all the other traits the writer has shown.  The T in the Senator is usually found in people with religious tendencies.

Glenda Ross, Certified Graphologist


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