Handwriting Analysis in Business

Get the information edge when hiring, promoting or reorganizing human resources..

Here’s the scenario: Human Resources has spent thousands of dollars recruiting the top sales people only to find that they are not suitable for the position. Perhaps they just don’t fit in with the rest of the team or they’re a troublemaker. What went wrong? What could you have done to avoid the situation? Did they lie to you or were you asking the wrong questions?

A recent US business study found 4 out of 5 people are in the wrong job; if you are an employee or recruiter you don’t want your recruitment effort to be part of that statistic.

What can you use to really get to the truth?

How can you distinguish one person’s suitability from the next when you have hundreds of resumes? 

Handwriting Analysis can provide companies with personality profiles of potential employees and a risk assessment of the applicant allowing an employer to determine if a job fits the individual BEFORE hiring and if the individual is compatible with the rest of the office team. The procedure is private, non-invasive and concentrates only on the position the writer is applying for.

Need an answer fast? Use my Rush Analysis: Fax the handwriting and you will receive a reply by fax. Guaranteed same day reply if received by 9AM. If sent in the afternoon, guaranteed reply first thing next business morning.  (Fax your credit card number along with the sample.)

How can your company BENEFIT from Handwriting Analysis?

  • Save your company time and money (in sales there was an 85% turnover of employees in 90 days!)

  • Detect honesty and dishonesty 

  • Find out if the candidate is capable of performing the job. Do they have characteristics that will make them suitable or not suitable for the position

  • Identify mental or health problems such as suicidal tendencies, drug dependence

  • Identify any troublemaking tendencies; prevent union problems, back-stabbing, stealing

  • Find out if the person is compatible with the rest of the office team

  • The results are close to the truthful personality of the applicant

Lie detectors or polygraphs are a thing of the past; federal law has restricted the use of them for employee screening since the 80s. The best alternative is Handwriting Analysis or Graphology. More and more big businesses use Handwriting Analysis to screen applicants and potential business partners. Loss Prevention is key in business today.  Use Graphology to increase awareness, and curtail internal issues.

Graphology is used extensively in Europe, particularly France where 90% of all recruiters turn to handwriting analysis to place the most compatible and suitable person. And now, according to The Wall Street Journal, Handwriting Analysis is being used by the big players in the US corporate world… a trend that can only grow as human resource managers have less and less timeto assess the huge number of apparently similar applicants for each position.

Build productive teams with efficient supervisors…

Graphology analyzes a person’s personality without their knowledge (but with their consent). This reduces inaccuracies due to conscious or unconscious effort by the applicant to influence the result. It is also difficult for the writer to ‘forge’ their handwriting for an extended period unless of course they are a very good ‘actor’. 

The alternative and perhaps more common ‘Question-&-Answer’ personality analysis tools are more open to inaccuracies due in part to the stress of a long questionnaire but also to the respondent wanting to create a false or better impression of themselves.

How is handwriting analyzed?

The best and most accurate analysis comes from daily handwriting when the person is not aware of being analyzed. The formation of each letter tells us about the writer’s characteristics and personality. Graphology, or Handwriting Analysis, is a science like any other study of the human condition. The analysis of the strokes of a letter, including size, pressure, speed, spacing, slant and over 40 others, reveals very specific traits in a person’s character and will be interpreted by a certified Graphologist. Send us as manysamples of the candidate’s handwriting as possible. The handwriting can be in any language except Chinese, Russian, Hebrew or Arabic.

What do you get?

A Confidential Handwriting Analysis Report, including:

  1. A professional, confidential report on the candidates writing 

  2. Answers to all the questions you have asked relating to the suitability of the writer to the position offered.

Handwriting Analysis Fees

The cost of handwriting analysis depends on the type of Handwriting Analysis required:

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