Types Of Handwriting Analysis

Personal: What you are really like. Find out your good points, build on them, reach your goals. Correct negative characteristics that cause you relationship problems.

Compatibility, personal: Between partners, family, friends, lovers. Are you and they compatible?

Signature: How you feel about yourself and family. This is a simple form of handwriting Analysis There are two main benefits, firstly it’s easy to get a sample whether the person is personally

known to you or a public figure without easy access to a full sample of handwriting. For example a signature from your Corporate Annual Report. Secondly, it can show the aspirations of the writer.

Resumes: Is a job applicant honest? Can they do the job?

Rush Resumes Analysis: Fax the handwriting and you will receive a reply by fax. Guaranteed same day reply if received by 9AM. If sent in the afternoon, guaranteed reply first thing next business morning.

Compatibility, business: Will a job applicant fit in with the present business staff?

Qualifications: What direction should the writer take in their personal and business life.

Interaction: Between family members, points out traits that are causing trouble within a family and shows how to correct them.

Trouble: Stealing, back stabbing, union problems in business. Find out who is the cause, who is a troublemaker.

Handwriting Analysis Fees

What is needed to do the analysis?

Business or Personal Compatibility Analysis:

  • It is always better to have handwriting analysis done when the person is not aware their writing is going to be analyzed. This way the graphologist gets a truer picture of how the writer writes on a daily basis. Handwriting can be in any language except Chinese, Russian or Arabic.

Personal Analysis:

  • Send your daily handwriting samples instead of composing a ‘piece’ specifically for analysis. Your handwriting can be in any language except Chinese, Russian or Arabic.

There are several ways to ‘collect’ handwriting.

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