What Is Needed To Do A Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting is as Unique as a fingerprint.

Business or Personal Compatibility Analysis:

It is always better to have handwriting analysis done when the person is not aware their writing is going to be analyzed. This way the graphologist gets a truer picture of how the writer writes on a daily basis.

Personal Analysis:
Send your daily handwriting (see below) instead of composing a ‘piece’ specifically for analysis.

Here are some ideas for ‘collecting’ handwriting:

  • Handwriting can be in any language except Chinese, Russian, Hebrew or Arabic
  • A photocopied letter, with a signature on unlined paper if possible. Pen or ink is acceptable
  • Memo notes, grocery lists, phone messages, notes pinned on the refrigerator door, or bulletin board
  • Canceled check signatures. Do not send the original canceled check send a photocopy.
  • Handwritten addressed envelopes

What to do next…fill out the order form

  1. Make out your cashier check to ‘Glenda Ross
  2. Mail your Handwriting samples and cashier check to: Glenda Ross
    5018 Viewridge Dr. S.E.,
    Olympia, WA 98501
  3. Be sure to include a return address, phone number, email address and if this is a “rush job”.
  4. Personal checks will be held for 14 days, to insure funds.
    Visa, Mastercard, and Discover are accepted.

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